Sungmee Bae's ART

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Curriculum Vitae

     Name : Sungmee Bae(배성미)
     Year of Birth : 1960
     Nationality : Korean (South)
     Education :
    • Vrije Academie, The Hague, the Netherlands(2004-2007)
    • The Institute of Fine Arts and Design Education, Hong-ik University in Korea(2002-2003)
    • Studied Painting at several institutes in Korea, Japan, USA, and the Philippines(1990-2001)
    • MS in Food Science and Technology at Seoul National University (1983-1985) 
    • BS in Food Science at Seoul Woman's University (1979-1983)
      Activities :
     Awards :
    • The 4th Kyng Hyang Art Festival
    • The 37th Figurative Exhibition of Gusangjeon (Selected Prize)
    • Gumgang Art Exhibition 2008 (Selected Prize)
    • World Peace Art Exhibition 2008 (Specially Selected Prize)
    • Contemporary Women's Art Exhibition 2008, 2009 (Specially Selected Prize)
    Collection :
                The Painting 'A Glorious Autumn Day' is housed in Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art as
                    a permanent collection.